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6 Ways to Beat That Post Lunch Sleepinsss | Masculn

6 Ways to Beat That Post Lunch Sleepinsss
6 Ways to Beat That Post Lunch Sleepinsss

It’s about 2 pm, you have just finished your lunch and as you sit down on your desk you feel a yawn building up at the back of your mouth! It is one of the most familiar feelings that we go through on a daily basis. As the clock starts to strike noon, first we feel a pang of hunger and as soon as we tend to our belly we start feeling sluggish and our body wants a bed asap! But can we actually sleep? Obviously not, we have work to do and with our minds and bodies constantly telling us to sleep we can’t even focus on work. This is when we need a burst of instant energy to get on our feet and take on the world again! 

So, we have found 6 ways in which you can easily beat that post-lunch sleepiness which may sound like a short while but can be a very unpleasant feeling when we have to go about our day rubbing our eyes. 

But first, we need to understand why we feel that urge to go to sleep as soon as we have lunch. The post-lunch slump is caused by a combination of circadian rhythm, which is a natural resting phase in the afternoon fuelled by post-lunch digestion

Here are 6 ways in which you can easily beat your post-lunch slump! 

Eating right must be the first step towards everything healthy. Having foods like rice, heavy protein meals and such can make your digestion work harder, and thus your body feels the post-lunch sleepiness with greater intensity. Including fiber-rich, balanced sugar diets for lunch is a good way to feel healthier and much more energetic. Not skipping meals, especially breakfast when you are running late is another trick to beat this phase. Eating at regular intervals, munching, and biting on healthy food in between breakfast and lunch is a great way to give your digestion a good time! 

  1.  Move your body, go outside! 

The evergreen way to charge yourself up is to get on your feet. Constantly sitting and staring at a computer screen can lead you to get tired and sleepy after a while. This is why it’s very important to take short breaks and walk around every time you start to feel a little sleepy. Try combining easy exercises with your walk outside, when you do this your body will send signals to your brain that it is not the time to sleep!

  1. Caffeine for Instant Energy! 

Caffeine is famous all over the world as the anti-sleep magic potion. So you can try a cup or two throughout the day to keep your post-lunch slump at bay! But, if coffee doesn’t help much and you still feel like resting your head on the desk for a little nap then you have to stop yourself from consuming more caffeine! Too much coffee can raise your blood pressure and is not good for your health! What you can try instead is Masculn Instant Energy! This energy booster is designed to be safe and promote instantaneous energy boost! 

  1. Munch on chewable food

Munching, chewing, and snacking are three activities that we not only love but absolutely crave during the day! But did you know chewing can help you stay awake? Yes, this is because while you're constantly moving your mouth, your brain understands that it isn’t the time to sleep and thus helps you stay awake! Chewing gum can even help you focus better on work and perform like a master! But munching and snacking in excess can turn out to be unhealthy if you aren’t consuming healthy snacks! Fruits, fox nuts, and sugar and calorie-free snacks can also come in handy! 

  1. Play some music 

Music is a blessing to your ears and can be a savior during your post-lunch sleepiness. This is exactly why you should tune into some techno, high best, and uplifting music during the day as soon as your eyes start to rest! If you can’t play loud music then just plug in your earphones for a while and hum to it till your mind is recharged again to focus better on work and beat that slump! 

  1. Masculn Instant Energy 

We all know that person who does no matter what but still can’t stop yawning post-lunch because they are made for that afternoon nap! But too much caffeine or munching is not good for health and some people do not have the situations to play music or go outside! This is when Masculn Instant Energy drops in as your superhero to help you beat that post-lunch sleepiness or the fall in your energy level as the day starts to progress. These delicious and chewable tablets will add a ding to your energy and you can get right back on your feet in a safe and healthy way! 

It is a given fact that we all love our afternoon naps and this is why our body thinks that every day is a good day for an afternoon nap! But we know how hard it gets to focus on work and go about your day when your energy level suddenly starts to drop and your body signals you to look for a comfortable bed! If this sounds familiar to you then follow these tips and pop one Masculn Instant Energy tablet to shake that post-lunch sleepiness off and tick off all the pending tasks on your schedule with your now supercharged body and mind! 

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